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Frequently asked questions

No, there is no limit. You can connect as many accounts as many as you'd like. However, the number of providers that SaaSi labels determine the cost of your SaaSi package. Check out our pricing Here.
Yes, we are currently in beta mode and we're enabling integration only with Gmail. You can ask us for specific integrations Here. We promise to take this into account when we open SaaSi for more integrations.
Data security is a core value in SaaSi. Our founders have vast experience in highly regulated financial industries. Securing your data is our primary goal.

Here some of the steps we take to ensure that:
  • Secure Access Controls - Exclusive Google SSO for user account access and policy-based access for internal controls.
  • Encryption at Rest and Transit - All of the data is encrypted with on rest and transmitted to the server over secure connection.
  • Auditable Logs - All user activity inside the organization is audited and can be provided to the admin account if needed.
  • 3rd Party Audits - We regularly audit our systems with 3rd party auditors.